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10 Amazing And Healthy Foods You Should Add Into Your Diet

healthy food for your diet

Most people like to lead and healthy and disease free life. To achieve this you have to make a few lifestyle changes and one main change is eating a healthy diet along with exercise and you would agree to this. Eating and staying healthy is not very difficult if you know the trick to remain consistent. Making healthy foods to eat seems to be a difficult task, but cooking healthy and eating healthy food need not be complicated. If you are clear about what to make and how to make it interesting, the whole healthy food diet can be easy. 

The following are a few healthy foods you can try in order to stay fit and live longer.

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1. Avocado Toast

The best recipes that are made from avocados involve the toast. The healthy avocado toast is very easy to make and makes a perfect breakfast or anytime snack. The health benefits of avocado are well-known and adding this nutritious fruit into our diet will improve the overall health in the long run. It is one of the easiest things to make. It is a dish that is rich in Omega-3’s and tastes delicious too.

To make this recipe you need very few ingredients like toast, avocado, red pepper and sea salt. Just add some egg on top, a drizzle of olive oil or a few pomegranate seeds to make it an interesting looking breakfast. Avocado toast is a healthy food you can experiment with, but make sure the dish is less complicated. 

2. Oatmeal

Oats is considered one of the healthiest and most nutritious foods. Eating oatmeal on a daily basis has many benefits for the health and aids in weight loss. Oatmeal is an ideal breakfast for the winter mornings and they can be enjoyed when the weather outside is chilly. Since oatmeal is rich in fiber, it will keep you full until lunch and will keep your cholesterol levels in check.

This healthy food can be made over a stove, in a microwave or even in a slow cooker. If you are in a hurry in the mornings, you can make this healthy diet the previous night and keep it in the refrigerator, which can be warmed in the morning and you are ready for the day. 

3. Cliché Salad

Nothing is as healthy as eating fresh and organic vegetables. Cut some fresh vegetables of your choice and add any preferred protein as a topping to make it a healthy diet. You can add eggs, choice of meat or nuts and enjoy your healthy salad every day. You can even consider making your own dressing. Any plain salad can be exciting when you add Dijon Vinaigrette over it.

4. Vegetable Soup

A warm and healthy sip of vegetable soup during the cold winter days is a divine experience. To make a healthy soup, you can add only vegetables or add some proteins of your choice. Take some vegetables of your choice and sauté them in some healthy olive oil.

Add any stock or make your own stock and seasoning of your preference and bring it boil. Reduce the heat and allow it to simmer. Cover the soup and let it cook for 20 minutes. Your healthy soup packed with the nutrients of vegetables is a perfect meal for a chilly winter night.

5. Roasted Vegetables

A roasted vegetable is an excellent side dish for any meal. It is an excellent healthy food that you can customize to suit your taste buds. Roasting is an easiest as well as the most reliable method to cook the vegetables. Pre-heat the oven to 450 degrees F and chop your vegetables while it preheats. Cut the hard vegetables like carrots and potatoes into smaller pieces for easy cooking if compared to the softer vegetables. Drizzle some sea salt and olive oil before you put them into the oven for about 35 minutes. Serve this healthy food warm. 

6. Stir Fry

Stir fry is a quick method to soften the vegetables. You can stir fry vegetables as well as meat and tofu. Stir fry can be made in a jiffy just before a meal and is a good accompaniment on a dinner table. If you are adding proteins, simply sear them, sauté the vegetables over high heat and top it with a sauce of your choice. Serve it with the healthy brown rice or can be had as it is. 

7. Spicy Bean Chili

Commonly chili contains ground beef, but that is not the norm always. For vegetarians, beans are a good source of protein and the best part of beans is that they are free of saturated fats, which are found in most meats. If you still need meat, then go for lean meats like chicken, turkey, which is a better choice as a healthy diet. Make this extra as chili freezes well. You can eat this as a meal for the whole week without any worries. 

8. Healthy Pasta

Pastas are known to be rich in carbohydrates and health conscious people often stay away from them. Pastas are delicious we all agree and staying away from it can be difficult, but to make the pastas a healthy food, you should use whole wheat pastas. Whole wheat pasta is nutritious and rich in fiber. When you add vegetables and proteins, the same pasta can become a healthy food, but make sure you limit the amount of cream, butter, cheese and fatty meats. 

9. Grilled Chicken

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Grilled chicken tastes delicious. It is lean and quite easy to make. Grilled chicken is a healthy meat, but has got a bad reputation as being boring and less interesting to eat. If you add some good flavors, the same boring grilled chicken can turn out to be a mouthwatering dish. Certain ingredients like garlic, rosemary and some tasty marinades can make your daily grilled chicken delicious to taste.

10. Smoothies

Smoothies are always a welcome drink that is easy to make and tastes delicious too. A smoothie can be made nutritious and healthy by choosing the right amount of vegetables and fruits, even proteins to add a balance. For the liquid base, milk or any non-dairy liquid product are good. Stay away from packaged juices that are laced with sugar and if they are added to the smoothie, the whole purpose of healthy foods to eat is defeated. 

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