Bread Recipes that you can make in under an Hour


Bread is one of the most loved breakfast foods all over the world. They come in many different types and tastes, but it is hard to believe that making bread can be easy and doesn’t have to be time-consuming. So what if you don’t have a bread making machine at home, you can easily make different bread recipes at home without the latest gadgetries. Yes, you have the option of buying bread from the stores, but once you know how to make different bread recipes at home you will never want to purchase bread from market. The best thing about making bread at home is that you know and can control the ingredients to make them, which is not possible with store brought bread.

Try out these bread recipes that you will love for sure.

Homemade Pretzel Bites

Soft Pretzel Bites

The pretzel bites takes only 25 minutes to make and taste much better than the one we get at the malls and swanky stores. These mini sized pretzel bites will be your family’s favorite recipe that you will love making on most days. (Full Recipe)

Gluten Free Cheese Bread

cheese bread

Gluten free cheese bread is satisfying and cheesy. It is an ultimate comfort food and if you make pizzas at home, then you will love this gluten free cheese bread. The best part of this bread is that it is gluten free, so if you have anyone who is gluten intolerant, then this cheese bread is just right. (Full Recipe)

Irish Soda Bread Irish


soda bread is quick and easy to make with very few ingredients. Get the wonderful taste of Ireland with the fresh and no-fuss soda bread. (Full Recipe)

Easy Peasy French Bread

French Bread

Enjoy the taste of delicious homemade French bread with this quick and easy to make bread recipes. They are best eaten warm, fresh from the oven. It is a perfect side-dish for any meal. (Full Recipe)

Quick Rise Buns

These buns take very less time to rise. Simply prepare the dough and then bake it in the oven. Even though there is yeast added to the dough, you don’t have to wait for it to rise. It is delicious and yeasty. (Full Recipe)

30-Minute Rolls

30 minute rolls

Within just 30 minutes you can make these delicious and tasty rolls that looks like have taken at least an hour, but in reality it is done in 30 minutes. The rolls are perfect size suitable for a family meal. (Full Recipe)

7-Ingredient Biscuits

Say goodbye to readymade biscuits, once you learn how to make the 7-ingredient biscuits. It just takes 7 simple steps to make this biscuit at home in a muffin tin that can be had for any meal. This is a single recipe that has endless possibilities.(Full Recipe )

Quick Naan

The Naan recipe doesn’t have any yeast going in it. This is an Indian bread recipe that goes well with most Indian gravies. It is quick to make and since it has no yeast, it doesn’t need to rise. You can add garlic to the dough or brush it with butter on top to make it delicious.(Full recipe)

Quick Rise Cheesy Breadsticks

Quick rise cheesy bun

If you love pizza, then I am sure you will love these cheesy breadsticks. These delicious cheesy breadsticks can be eaten with marinara sauce and the following bread recipe will show you how. (Full Recipes)

No-Time Bread 

No time Bread Recipe

This bread takes just less than an hour to make and that is something quite an interesting bread recipe to try this weekend. It is usually believed that good bread takes time to make, but this no-time bread is finer and incredibly tasty with a moist and tender taste. (Full Recipe)


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