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20 Grilled Chicken Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind

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Summer is that time of the year when you enjoy your grilled chicken meals a lot. Summers are also the time when you look forward to enjoy your get together with friends and family. Home parties are incomplete without some mouthwatering grilled chicken dishes as everyone looks forward to these delicious recipes on the table. 

The following are 20 short-listed easy grilled chicken recipes that are some of the best in the world. 

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Thai Grilled Chicken Thighs

The Thai way of grilling chicken also known as gai yang is absolutely delicious and fun to cook. It is similar to a whole roasted fish. Throughout Thailand you will find many different varieties of grilled chicken depending on the region and preferences. The Thai grilled chicken thighs are commonly eaten with a green papaya salad and hot fresh sticky rice. When combined with these three, you get a delicious meal that will make your taste buds happy with enjoyment. The Thai grilled chicken recipe is easy with full of flavors and requires very few ingredients and can be made within half an hour, which makes it an easy recipe to make even on weeknights. 

Grilled Bruschetta Chicken

Easy and healthy grilled Bruschetta chicken is covered with very basic seasonings, mozzarella cheese and fresh tomato and basil toppings making this a perfect summer grilled chicken recipe. This is an ideal juicy, savory grilled chicken that is layered nicely under a layer of hot and melting mozzarella cheese topped with fresh tomato and basil salsa. Low in calories this grilled chicken is full of flavors that will melt completely in your mouth. 

Easy Grilled Chicken

Delicious and easy to make with just four ingredients this is one of the best grilled chicken recipes that can be made in less than 30 minutes flat. Made from skinless chicken breast means it is pretty healthy. With just a few ingredients like salad dressing and teriyaki sauce you can make a tasty and easy grilled chicken for your dinner parties. 

Grilled Chicken Marinade with Cucumber Watermelon Salsa

Keep cool this summer’s with the gluten free marinated grilled chicken with cucumber and watermelon salsa. The recipe uses chicken and steak marinade that are easily available at most homes. So if you are bored of eating the same dishes day in and out, then this easy grilled chicken recipe is perfect for this spring and summer seasons. The ingredients that go into making this recipe are easily available at most homes and is a good mix of sweet, salt and tangy flavors. Prepare a salsa of fresh cucumber and watermelon and top it on the grilled chicken and enjoy the beauty of fresh colors along with flavors. 

Yummy Honey Chicken Kabobs

If you are looking for a twist in the chicken kabobs, then you have to read this one. Try this one out and you will be delightfully thrilled. The chicken and the vegetables in this easy grilled chicken recipe are full of Asian flavor, an ideal dish for your next party or get together. As the name suggests, the chicken tastes yummy and the vegetables are nice and smoky with a tinge of sweetness. 

Sweet Hot Chutney Grilled Chicken

Use of chutney helps enhance the flavor of this easy grilled chicken a lot. Here, mango chutney is used to add the right amount of sweetness and stickiness. If added in correct proportion the taste of the grilled chicken remains pretty balanced in terms of acidity and sweetness, both of which are borrowed from mango. The mango chutney along with the other ingredients adds a perfect tang and deep flavor.

Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken

The honey mustard grilled chicken is an amazingly delicious grilled food that has a taste that lingers in your mouth for a long time. Moreover, you will be surprised that with just a few ingredients you can achieve such fabulous taste. The whole dish can be made in 35 minutes, which means you don’t have to wait for the weekend to eat this mouthwatering dish, but can be made even on weekdays. 

Grilled chicken Kabobs with Barbeque Marinade

Chicken kabobs are usually grilled with a marinade of tangy lemon infused barbeque sauce and cooked on a grill. The marinade that goes into making this grilled chicken delicious are full of flavors like ginger, garlic, curry, lime juice to name a few. When all of them are combined together the marinade becomes very tempting and mouthwatering. Be prepared to make a lot of these as they are sure to fly off your dinner table as soon as it is served. 

Grilled Moroccan Chicken

The grilled Moroccan chicken is easy and extremely flavorful way to make boneless and skinless chicken breasts. The spices that go into this recipe make the whole dish aromatic, very much like a Moroccan dish. The dish can be combined and eaten with couscous. Even children will love this aromatic dish and the best part of this dish is that it takes just a few minutes to make it and there is barely any time needed to cleanup. 

Grilled Lemon Rosemary Chicken

Grilled lemon rosemary chicken is the favorite of many. The meat is lean, tender and juicy to taste, though many would not agree as they consider it as the driest part of chicken. A good marinade and the right amount of cooking will make a huge difference here. To get a flavorful chicken, you need to marinate the chicken for at least an hour. The whole recipe requires just five ingredients, but the final dish is unbelievably delicious to taste.

Cornell Chicken

The main ingredient that makes the Cornell chicken delicious is the tangy white sauce that serves as a marinade and baste that gives the chicken a flavorful and moist touch. The sauce that goes into this recipe is a mix of eggs and oil followed by vinegar, seasoning, salt and pepper. The meat is marinated in this sauce and basted with it every 10 minutes while cooking. This is a simple and easy to make grilled chicken recipe that is guaranteed to make you fall in love with it. 

Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs

The quality of marinade decides the taste of any great kabobs. To enhance the flavor of a grilled chicken it is advisable to marinate the meat at least an hour before grilling. Hawaiian chicken kabobs are tender and juicy chicken that is layered with a rainbow of colorful vegetables and fruits like unsweetened pineapples. This is a beautiful looking summer grill recipe with chicken and veggies beautifully stacked together on a skewer and grilled until they are caramelized. 

Chicken Ivoltini with Prosciutto and Basil

The Chicken Ivoltini is made by nicely rolling the chicken breasts with Prosciutto, basil and Provolone, which is quite easy and quick. This grilled chicken recipe is filled with classic flavors of   cheese, tomato sauce and chicken, which is done in a sophisticated way. The Provolone makes the dish creamy and sharp, the prosciutto adds a nice salty taste and the chicken is soft and juicy. When all of this is mixed with some basil and marinara sauce the whole grilled chicken recipe becomes deliciously tasty. 

Key West Chicken

This is a popular dish from the Florida Keys. The best part of this recipe is its marinade that can be prepared within 15 minutes and require very little ingredients. The total cooking time is under 30 minutes. The famous marinade is a rich blend of honey, soy sauce and lime juice. To enhance the flavor of the dish, marinate the meat on the previous day itself. 

Grilled Chicken and Pineapple Sandwich

Sandwiches are all-time favorites. Eating grilled chicken with pineapple may sound strange, but you have to try this one out to fall in love with this easy grilled chicken sandwich. The flavors of the ingredients, which surprisingly are very few, nicely blend with the meat to bring out the best and mouthwatering taste. Most of the ingredients are easily available at homes, so making them can be pretty easy with no major planning required. 

Spiced Grilled Chicken Wrap

This is one of the most popular grilled chicken wraps that are easy to make. Just marinate the chicken with some spice mix marinade and grill them. This grill is spicy, healthy and filling too. You can make this on any day and pack them for picnics or for your meal boxes. Kids will surely love this, but make sure you decrease the amount of spice if you are making these for kids. Within 30 minutes a tasty grilled chicken wrap is ready to serve. 

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Skewers with Pineapple and Teriyaki Sauce

Boneless and skinless chicken breasts often tend to dry up when cooked on the grill, especially when they are cubed and skewered. The best way to make the meat tender and juicy is to wrap it with bacon and pork fat as it cooks. It’s time to forget rubbery chicken now and embrace chicken breast that is sweet, salty, fruity and smoky. 

Grilled Cajun Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are the best chicken portion that can be cooked over the grill. Marinate the chicken wings overnight in the refrigerator and grill them over indirect heat until they are crunchy and moist. Toss some simple sauce of butter, Louisiana style hot sauce and Worcestershire. The marinade gives the chicken wings an earthy and spicy coating that leaves you wanting for more. 

Chicken Keema

Keema is a famous Asian recipe made from ground meat. The meat used in this Keema recipe is chicken, which is nicely minced and mixed with some flavorful spices like cumin, ginger, garlic and chili to add taste and aroma. The minced meat is then grilled on the skewers and served with fresh mint and cilantro chutney.

Grilled Hoisin Glazed Chicken Wings

This is a sweet and salty light Asian barbeque flavored chicken wings, which is a nice change from the regular standard Buffalo. Add some baking powder to the chicken wings to give it a crunch while they cook on the grill over indirect heat. The sauce that goes into this dish is primarily Hoisin, honey and soy sauce mixture, which gives the meat a nice glaze when done. 

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