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10 Reasons Why You Need Slow Cooker In Your Life

Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are an absolute necessity in kitchen these days. It is one of those gadgets without which your cooking becomes difficult. Now slow cookers are not a luxury, but a necessity in kitchen. This easy to use and versatile kitchen tool should feature on all the kitchen counters. It is a fantastic piece of gadget and has a lot of fan following. The slow cooker has evolved over the years and the once grandmas appliance has become a trendy gadget in most kitchens now.

There are probably many reasons why people prefer slow cooker than any other appliance in their kitchen. Below are a few reasons why you need slow cooker in your life and hopefully you will find one or two of those reasons suitable for you.

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1. Cooking with slow cooker is budget friendly

Slow cooker saves you a lot of money as they are pocket friendly appliances. Firstly, it allows you to use meat cuts that are cheap and difficult to chew like the pork shoulder or Swiss steak. The slow cooking process breaks-up the flesh of the otherwise undesirable pieces and makes them tasty and tender to eat.

You are not restricted to meats; slow cookers can be used to cook dry grains and beans, which is quite economical and healthy. The slow cookers are designed to absorb the flavor and spices nicely to the meat. They give a good option to choose some inexpensive foods and cook them according to your liking without burning your pockets. Even a basic meal can taste something special like a gourmet food. It is a pocket friendly way to enjoy a budget meal without compromising on the health factor.

2. Fast and Easy to Clean

Cleaning is the most cumbersome jobs after any cooking, but the slow cooker has made that job easier. It is the long cleaning process that involves various parts of an appliance that makes the cooking job boring for many cooking enthusiasts. Cleaning four to five different vessels for cooking one item is the thing of the past due to the advent of a slow cooker.

Slow cookers are a one-bowl cooking gadget that is economical in all the sense, which means cleaning after the cooking has never been easier. You can make your cooking process easier, by clever prepping. Cut your vegetables beforehand and store them in the refrigerator. Store these vegetables in a freezer bag of crock-pot-ready meals, so that you save on a lot of time when you are busy or have no time for prepping.

3. It is Versatile

Whenever you think of a slow cooker your mind thinks of an all American food, like casserole, meat loaf and pot roast. But, with a slow cooker you can experiment, innovate and create beautiful dishes other than the ones above. These dishes are worth getting a place in a hotel menu every time you make them. You don’t have to restrict yourself to American delicacies, but can explore various other cuisines like French, Indian or Chinese. This is an all-rounder gadget you must have in the kitchen.

4. It is a reliable partner

The main purpose of a slow cooker is to make tasty and mouth-watering dishes, but it can work like a reliable partner when a large batch of food is to be prepared. You can cook big batches of potatoes, Mac and cheese, creamed spinach, healthy beans or collard greens all in one go. You can have large varieties of dishes ready in one cooking session, which is a huge benefit.

5. Fail Proof

There are many people who find working in the kitchen very boring due to the various things involved in the cooking, but slow cooker has eliminated this fear of cooking once and for all. This wonder gadget that has been introduced to the culinary world has made things a lot easier for many. It is so easy to use a slow cooker that you just have to put all the required ingredients into the cooker and set it to cook at “high” or “low” for as long as you need and remain cool. Once cooked, you just have to push the button to open and your dish is ready to eat. It’s that simple.

6. Come home to a cooked meal at the end of the day

After a long and hard day at work, you don’t have the energy to cook a full meal for your family. If you find cooking after work difficult, then you should consider getting a slow cooker to make your life simple and easy. Prepare all the ingredients in the morning, put all of them into the cooker and set it on low for the whole day and forget about it. When you come home after your work, you can serve delicious and tender meal to your family and friends without having to struggle in the kitchen up to late in the evening.

7. Saves Time

Most of us are conditioned to think that sautéing, boiling, baking and various other cooking methods are required to dole out a tasty and delicious meal. But, with a slow cooker, you just have to chop the ingredients and add them into the slow cooker along with other ingredients for preparing a delicious meal. Slow cooker saves time by cutting down on the prepping time by at least half. Moreover, the cleaning job is also easy because you just have to clean the ceramic crock.

8. Prepare healthy meals

With a slow cooker you can plan to eat healthy meals every time. That dish may be your stuffed peppers, red beans, chicken chili and rice without having to worry about the calories; all this can be attained without compromising on the taste. On days when you want to eat calorie rich foods you can even cook Mac and cheese, biscuits and gravy or a soft chocolate cake. The options are too many with a slow cooker that you may just need this in your kitchen and no other gadgets.

9. Leftover for days

Slow cookers are usually large in size, which allows you to cook large portions with a single recipe. With one cooking session, you can get a week’s meal and since most dishes can be freezed well, there is no need to hurry to finish them. You can plan accordingly and prepare roast chicken and vegetables for the whole week and not worry about cooking for the week. If you plan your week’s menu in advance, you can cook them accordingly for a whole week on one day and store them in the refrigerator for use during the week.

10. Can make alcohol too

The best part is reserved for last; did you know that slow cookers can be used to make alcoholic drinks? Slow cookers are great at that too, so now with a delicious meal you can enjoy your drinks too. Make spiked hot chocolate, mulled wine or an adult apple cider drink to be served along with your favorite meal.

With so many benefits mentioned above about the slow cooker, why think of any other gadgets and tools for your kitchen. Make your life easy by getting home a slow cooker that works hard for you so that you can rest after a hard day’s work.

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