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Rolled Crispy Pork Belly

Crispy Pork Belly is one of my favorite dish. I can say here is the best recipe I’ve ever had and I am sure you will love it. This following recipe will show you an easy way to make a Rolled Crispy Pork Belly (chashu Crispy Pork Belly ). Give it a try for you and for your family.

Give this recipe a try (it’s Japanese Style) or enhance your favorite rolled crispy pork belly recipe with this technique. I promise you will like it!

Table of Contents

The 3 secrets behind a crunchy crispy pork belly skin:

1. Putting holes in the skin
2. Applying Vinegar before boiling!
3. Boiled the pork belly before bake.
4. Deep fried until golden crispy.


– Pork Belly 1.5 KG
– 1 Tablespoon Salt
– 1 cup Vinegar
– 1 Table Spoon Pepper
– 4-5 Bayleaf


  1. Rub the Pork Belly Skin with salt and leave it about 15 mins
  2. Soak the Pork Belly Skin in a vinegar and leave it for a while. ( Vinegar will make the skin more crispy)
3.putting holes on the top of skin as much as you can
4.Then, Roll the pork belly and tight with 3 or 4 strings.
5. Boil it until its cooked
6. Preheat the oven and bake it for 1 Hr.
crispy pork belly
7. Deep fried the Pork Belly Roll until it had golden color.
crispy pork belly
8.Leave it a few minute before slide & serve.

This Rolled Crispy Pork Belly recipe is the perfect dish for a special occasion. The pork belly rolled and baked until crisp. The result is a beautifully presented dish that is sure to impress your guests. The Rolled Crispy Pork Belly can be served with rice and vegetables, or alongside a salad for a lighter meal.

Regardless of how you serve it, this dish is sure to be a hit. So if you’re looking for a show-stopping recipe, look no further than the rolled crispy pork belly.

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