20 Incredibly Genius Things You Didn’t Know Cooking Spray Could Do

Things You Didn’t Know Cooking Spray Could Do

Cooking Sprays are always found in the kitchen cabinets of most homes. The cooking spray is quite a handy little thing in the kitchen. It is a DIY multi-tasker that can save you a lot of money, time and effort in the house. Cooking spray can help save a lot of your effort and energy that you may never know.
The following article will let you know the various uses of cooking spray both in the kitchen and beyond that you will be surprised.

1.Silence the Squeaks

Silence the Squeaks

To silence the squeaky chains, hinges and the various other metal parts you can use any oil. But, not all oils come in the form of a handy cooking spray. Just spray some cooking spray to the affected area and enjoy the silence for a longtime. No more squeaky sounds again.

2.Remove Bugs

Remove Bugs with cooking spray

You know of bugs that get splattered on the front of the car and how irritating it can be. You wish to get them removed immediately, but it is not simple as it seems. In the process of getting rid of them from your car, you can potentially damage your car paint. Go grab the cooking spray from your kitchen and spray it on the stubborn bug and wait for a few seconds before you wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. Voila!! The car body is clean again.

3.Loosen Locks

Loosen Locks

Sometimes the locks can get stiff and hard to turn due to various reasons. But, there is an easy solution to this problem. Just spray some cooking spray onto the key and then use it to lock or unlock the door. The cooking spray will spread into the mechanisms inside the lock and makes it easier to operate.

4.Get rid of soap scum from shower doors and sink

Get rid of soap scum from shower doors and sink

The sight of soap scum on the shower doors and sink is not great. To get rid of these stubborn stains, spray some on the glass doors from inside and see the results. The scum and the hard water stains will clear once you clean the affected area with a clean cloth after 5 to 10 minutes. Tiny spritz of the spray can make your faucets and fixtures really shine. There will be no stains left behind and you will notice a clean and shiny shower door and sink.

5.Stop food from sticking to knives while chopping

Stop food from sticking to knives while chopping

Certain ingredients that we regularly use in the kitchen have the tendency to leave their marks on knives. Sticky ingredients like garlic, herbs and onions tend to stick to the knives while chopping. To prevent this from happening, you can lightly spray the genius kitchen spray on knives and help it glide more easily as you cut and chop. Sticky ingredients will easily slide off from the knife without any help.

6.Prevent wax from settling on candleholders

Prevent wax from settling on candleholders

Candleholders are beautiful and handy, but getting rid of the wax can be a huge task. To keep the candleholders clean, use the kitchen spray lightly inside the holder before you drop the wax candle inside. Once the candle burns the remaining wax easily slips out. Now, you don’t have to worry about candle wax spoiling your candleholder with the easy to use cooking spray method.

7.Keep Plastic Storage Containers Stain Free

Keep Plastic Storage Containers Stain Free

Plastic storage containers are quite a useful item in the kitchens. They are extensively used to store leftover foods in the refrigerator, for heating in microwave or for carrying food to work. But, these containers can get stained after few uses making it look dirty and unusable. To prevent the stains from turning your container into orange and red color, lightly spray a coating of cooking spray on the insides of the container. This creates a layer between the food and the plastic and keeps your precious container stain-free, even if it is a tomato soup.

8.Defrosting the Refrigerator

Defrosting the Refrigerator

Ice build-up in the refrigerator can be a tedious and time-consuming task. To make your defrosting job easier, coat the insides of the refrigerator with a light cooking spray before the frost settles. This will make your cleaning job easier next time.

9.Prevent Cheese from Sticking to the Grater

Prevent Cheese from Sticking to the Grater

Grating a semi-soft cheese on a grater can be a very difficult task to clean later. A lot of cheese tends to breakup when you grate it on the grater. To avoid this, spray the grater with a non-stick cooking spray before you start grating. This will make your cleaning up job easier.

10.Remove Stuck Ring

Remove Stuck Ring

Did you try a ring thinking it is of the correct size and now you are finding it difficult to remove the ring because it is stuck? Were you wearing the ring for a longtime and now

finding it difficult to take it off? No need to panic. You don’t have to damage your favorite ring by cutting it off either. Just spray the finger with a cooking spray and see how the ring slides off easily.

11.Stop Snow from Sticking to Shovel

Stop Snow from Sticking to Shovel

Shoveling snow is a tiresome job, but the job becomes all the more difficult if snow starts sticking to the shovel. To prevent the snow from sticking, just spray it with a cooking spray and see how the snow slides off from the shovel. If you are using a snow thrower, spray inside the discharge chute to avoid any clogging.

12. Pop your own popcorn

Pop your own Popcorn

Making popcorn at home can be quite a job as it is difficult to coat each and every kernel evenly. To make delicious popcorn, coat each and every kernel with cooking spray. The process involves spraying all over the kernels, shaking them and spraying again before you continue with the cooking process.

13.Prevent Grass from Sticking

Prevent Grass from Sticking

Grass tends to get stuck on the mower while trimming the lawn. You can avoid grass from getting stuck to the mower blades and to the underside of the housing by spraying some cooking spray before you begin cutting.

14.Make Perfect Patty

Make Perfect Patty

Cooking with sticky foods can be a messy job. When making burger patty or while cooking or baking coat your hands with little cooking spray to prevent the food from sticking to you and also help in easily shaping the patty.

15.Coat measuring Cups

Coat measuring Cups

Certain ingredients like honey can get stuck to the measuring cups while cooking making it a big cleaning task. Coat the measuring cups with oil so that the quantity of the ingredient is exact and will easily slide out of the cups when pouring.

16.Remove Gum from Hair

Remove Gum from Hair

Having gum on your hair can be a devastating experience. The gum cannot only spoil your lovely locks, but getting rid of them is almost impossible without chopping the affected hair. You don’t need to panic now. Use a cooking spray on the gum and wait for the gum to loosen and fall off from the hair.

17.Prevent Plastic Wrap from Sticking to the Dessert

Prevent Plastic Wrap from Sticking to the Dessert

You are excited about baking that beautiful dessert for the special party, but want to prevent the masterpiece from getting crumbled or smudged. Don’t worry; you can now lightly spray the inside of the plastic wrap with the cooking spray before you begin wrapping the dessert.

18. Prevent Rice and Pasta from Sticking

Prevent Rice and Pasta from Sticking

No one wants to eat a sticky pasta or rice. Most cooks know that a little bit of cooking oil in boiling water will prevent rice and pasta from sticking together while draining. Even a cooking spray will do the same job effectively.

19. Lubricate Bicycle Chain

Prevent Rice and Pasta from Sticking

Cleaning the car wheels can be a very difficult job especially when the stains are tough. These stains are called brake dusts and happen every time you apply your brakes and pads wear against the cylinders or brake discs. Just apply a light coat of cooking spray and the wheels will be clean in seconds.

20.Lubricate Bicycle Chain

Lubricate Bicycle Chain

Bike chain needs regular maintenance and this includes oiling of the chains to prevent the creaky sounds from coming. But, if you don’t have the bike oil with you, then use your handy kitchen cooking spray. Use very little and wipe off the excess with an old cloth.

Cooking Spray is a versatile product that is used extensively for cooking, but also it can be made to use at various places other than the kitchen. With so many different uses of this little can, it is necessary to keep it handy with other tools in the house. You never know when you may have to use this multi-purpose can in the house.



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